Making Search More Entertaining

October 30th, 2009 by Ben

An intriguing aspect of how Google presents their new music search in their blog is the premise that a search engine for music should include discovery: “a search engine should also be able to help you discover music you’ll like.” A crucial limitation of standard, keyword-based search is that people discover based on more nuanced, personal criteria. Google compensates by partnering with Pandora, imeem, and Rhapsody to link to their discovery services. (Ironically, as Rory Cellan-Jones puts it on BBC, this new service may also endanger the “fragile business models” of music services like Spotify.)

Interestingly, while the Wall Street Journal described Yahoo as quick to highlight “how it also allows users to stream some songs from its search results page through a partnership with Rhapsody,” the Yahoo blog post doesn’t mention discovery.

At Jinni, we believe search for any type of entertainment should incorporate a chance to discover new content. We aim to create this experience seamlessly via intelligent search that comprises mood and personal tastes in plot, style, and more, as well as familiar keywords like titles and people. It’s the difference between narrow search by “what you’re looking for” and search by “what you like.”

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