60 Great Movie Blogs For Movie Lovers

July 6th, 2010 by Ben

The rich selection of great blogs and sites on movies provides an endless source of enjoyment for movie lovers. I couldn’t possibly put together a comprehensive list, but here are 60 quality movie blogs I enjoy.

I’ve divided the blogs into six categories for ease of reading, though they’re a bit fluid and some blogs fit into several categories. If you think there’s a must-read I overlooked, feel free to add it in the comments!


Everything you’d want to know about the latest movies (mostly mainstream).

This leading film blog offers news, reviews and thought-provoking opinion pieces.
Recent post: Quick List: Canadian Movies That Are Cool

Film Junk
News, reviews, features, and entertaining podcasts.
Recent post: Skip Eclipse and Play The 8-Bit YouTube Game Instead

Movie news, reviews, and interviews, often with an amusingly cynical edge.
Recent post: Review: Inception

Get the Big Picture
Movie news, reviews and trailers, presented with a good dash of personal opinion.
Recent post: 20 New Photos from Zhang Yimou’s ‘Noodle Shop’

Gordon and the Whale
High-quality news, reviews, interviews – and contests too.
Recent post: Writer/Director Rod Lurie says STRAW DOGS remake will carry a hard R-rating

Up-to-the-minute news in entertainment (movies, TV, music).
Recent post: Oscar Watch: Is ‘Inception’ a lock for a Best Picture nomination?

This movie network is an all-in-one source of news, reviews, and trailers.
Recent post: Two cool new French posters for The Expendables and Piranha 3D

A good assortment of movie news, reviews, and features, occasionally with a specifically Latino perspective.
Recent post: Summer Of ’85: 25 Years, 25 Films

This go-to source provides news, reviews and trailers with a fanboy angle.
Recent post: First Look: Viggo Mortensen and Michael Fassbender in David Cronenberg’s ‘A Dangerous Method’

Movie news, trailers, and catchy feature articles.
Recent Post: The 26 Most Uninspirational Movie Speeches


Must-reads for horror lovers.

Meditations on horror, crime and more from an anonymous film buff.
Recent post: When your love affair has run its course

Bloody Disgusting
A premier source of horror news, reviews, trailers and more for movies as well as music, games and comics.
Recent post: FanTasia ’10: First Images From ‘Jack Brooks’ Director’s ‘The Shrine’

Dread Central
Horror news with an underground focus.
Recent Post: Film4 Frightfest ’10 – New Still: I Spit on Your Grave

This horror community features blogs and free movies to watch.
Recent post: Exclusive: Neil Marshall on His Bloody ‘Centurion’

Final Girl
A personal look at the horror genre, from the 70s and 80s to the present.
Recent post: The House of the Devil

Horror reviews, interviews, clips and club discussions.
Recent post: Interview: Rick Baker Opens Up About ‘The Wolfman’

Obscure Hollow
A go-to source for classic horror.
Recent post: The Scarlet Empress (1934)

Shock Till You Drop
Great source of news and reviews for the newest horror movies.
Recent post: The second trailer for Savage

Upcoming Horror Movies
Trailers and reviews for (obviously) upcoming horror flicks, with good, wide-ranging coverage.
Recent post: Let Me In teaser trailer

Vault of Horror
A broad, fun-to-read exploration of the horror genre.
Recent post: Tuesday Top 10: Favorite Ray Harryhausen Creations


Beyond the usual Hollywood suspects, these blogs offer coverage of indie productions and the international film scene.

Bad Movie Planet
Entertaining coverage of bad cinema: B-movies, cult flicks, and more.
Recent post: Who Killed Mary What’s ‘er Name?

Coffee Coffee and More Coffee
Thought-provoking analysis of film from around the world.
Recent post: One Million Yen Girl

Quality podcasts and posts on new and classic film as well as cinema business/technology news.
Recent post: Blockbuster Plans To Expand Kiosk Availability In The South, Redbox Tests Higher Priced Daily Rentals

Daily Film Dose
A new film review every day – a mix of old and new, well-known and offbeat.
Recent post: Stranger Than Paradise

The Film Talk
Wide-ranging, thoughtful podcast and posts.
Recent post: Youngblood on Film: The Emerging Genre of Cinema Anima

GreenCine Daily
The blog of the online DVD rent-by-mail service is a widely-read source of indie film news and reviews.
Recent post: FILM OF THE WEEK: Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Celebration

IFC: The Independent Eye
Everything indie: news, reviews and features.
Recent post: The unexpected winners and losers at the indie box office

Smart, personal musings on cinema, especially classics.
Recent post: Women’s Costumes at the Movies

Some Came Running
Highly visual, intriguing explorations of film and entertainment.
Recent post: Digital Archery

Extensive coverage of indie and foreign as well as basic Hollywood fare.
Recent post: Once Again, The Teaser For Eugenio Mira’s Gorgeous AGNOSIA – This Time In English


More in-depth considerations of, and sometimes highly personal perspectives on, the world of film.

Andrew O’Hehir
This Salon blog offers up a thought-provoking analysis of a mix of mainstream and indie films.
Recent post: Restrepo vs. The Hurt Locker

A.V. Club
Pop-culture news, features, and particularly good interviews, sometimes with a dash of The Onion-style humor.
Recent post: George Miller, who hasn’t read the papers today, announces he’s making two Mad Max films back to back

Always amusing and often provocative thoughts on film.
Recent post: Halfway Mark: Screen Hotties of 2010

Hollywood Elsewhere
A personal perspective offers fresh insights into Hollywood news and new releases.
Recent post: Tripping in Hollywood Hills

In Contention
Reviews and features, with a notably in-depth focus on film awards.
Recent post: Life Without Oscar

The Movie Blog
Amusing reads on (mostly big) movies and movie news.
Recent post: Inception’s Cool Outdoor Advertising Spots

Movie Mom
A smart parent’s perspective on movies, media, and what’s appropriate for children of different ages.
Recent post: Andrew Garfield Is the New Spiderman

The self-described “scathing reviews for bitchy people” site doesn’t skimp on personal opinion in movie reviews and features.
Recent post: 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

Roger Ebert
Pithy, highly quotable reviews from the veteran film critic.
Recent post: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

What Would Toto Watch
Thought-provoking reviews, interviews and analysis of the world of film.
Recent post: WWTW interview: University of Denver Chaplain talks ‘Twilight’


These blogs speak to the sci-fi, fantasy and comics loving geek.

Den of Geek
A go-to source of news, reviews and features on “geek” movies, TV, comics, games, both mainstream and cult.
Recent post: The Directors Who Took on Someone Else’s Franchise

A collection of entertaining pictures, videos, links, news and observations to appeal to everyone’s inner geek.
Recent post: The Real Minority Report Interface

Great Geek Manual
Great entertainment roundups, geek quotes and history.
Recent post: Geek Media Roundup: July 5, 2010

A leading source of sci-fi news in movies, books, etc. along with a dash of reporting on futuristic-sounding science.
Recent post: The 15 lamest sea monsters to ever doggy-paddle into cinema

A diverse look at comic book, fantasy, sci-fi and anime entertainment, including movies.
Recent post: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Review

Fun-to-read news and reviews from a sci-fi fan.
Recent post: Tonight on Syfy: MERLIN Season 2 Finale

SF Signal
An entertaining mix of sci-fi news, analysis, and pop culture.
Recent post: Ghostbusters Done Steampunk Style

SciFi Wire
Sci-fi and fantasy news from the SyFy network.
Recent post: New Potter trailer shows the beginning of the end—and more!

Superhero Hype
Superhero news, reviews, and trailers for movies and comics.
Recent post: Transformers 3 Set Photos and More!

Topless Robot
News, features, videos, contests and plenty of nerdy humor.
Recent post: TR Contest: Tweets from G.I. Joe HQ and the Terrordrome


These blogs explore (at least in part) the future of cinema and media: how digital delivery services, online social networks, and more are changing the entertainment landscape. Offering perspectives from filmmakers, technology insiders, academics, and more, not all are strictly movie blogs.

Blog Maverick
The entrepreneur Mark Cuban often weighs in with controversial perspectives on the future of film and media.
Recent post: Netflix and the Future of the Entertainment Business

Always-interesting analysis of how technology is changing cinema, for filmmakers and viewers.
Recent post: Notes and quotes from the PGA’s 2010 “Produced By” conference

Confessions of an Aca-Fan
In-depth interviews and considerations of the future of media from a renowned professor at USC.
Recent post: The Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture: An Interview with Joe Saltzman (Part Three)

Gearhead Gal
Intriguing perspectives on the consumer experience, often with a focus on media and film.
Recent post: Will Consumers Be Better Than Broadcasters At Programming Online Video?

Hollywood Rewired
This Hollywood Reporter blog reports on news that reflects how technology is changing media.
Recent post: Games a Growth Area for Disney News Corp.

Justin Kownacki
A compelling collection of thoughts on social media, pop culture online, and more.
Recent post: Diversity in Media: How the Web Wins

Media Futurist
Wide-ranging thoughts on the future of media, with a good mix of videos and presentations.
Recent post: Short video on the future of branding & communication

The GigaOm blog focused on the technology and business of the new age of video.
Recent post: Reviewers Love Hulu Plus, But Will Anyone Pay For It?

A Variety blog reporting on news related to the intersection of Hollywood and technology.
Recent post: Disney Makes a Big Play in the Mobile Space

A smart, technology-oriented look at the innovations that are changing media and entertainment.
Recent post: Popbox Gets a Launch Date (For Real)

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