Top 10 Hollywood Doppelgangers

July 21st, 2011 by Barak

Nelson Mandela celebrated his birthday on July 18th, so I wanted to write something in honor of the great man. Because I felt that so many people have already written stuff about him being an inspiring leader and such, I tried to take a different angle and write something else about him that will be just as interesting and inspiring: He looks just like Morgan Freeman! Coincidently Josh Hartnett (21.7) and Terence Stamp (22.7) are also celebrating their birthdays this week, and they also look a lot like other people: Hartnett looks exactly like Ashton Kutcher and Stamp looks just like Malcolm McDowell. Here is a top 10 list of actors who we all suspect were separated at birth:

10. Tobey Maguire/Elijah Wood/ Jake Gyllenhaal

Is there proof they aren’t the same person?
There is proof that Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire aren’t the same person since they were both together in the movie Brothers. You can argue that it’s a stunt in the manner they pulled in The Social Network with the guy who played both of the Winklevoss brothers, but they both also attended events together. There is proof that Elijah Wood and Tobey Maguire aren’t the same person since they were both in The Ice Storm. No proof exists to show us that Jake Gyllenhaal and Elijah Wood aren’t the same person…

What is similar between them? All three are in their early 30s and have a slight tendency towards geekiness. They all have blue eyes, brown hair and a white, pale skin.

What makes them different? Jake Gyllenhaal is a bit taller than the other two; he also looks a bit tougher than Maguire and Wood that are almost synonyms to the term nerd.

9. Bradley Cooper/Josh Lucas/ Matthew Mcconaughey/ Patrick Wilson

Is there proof they aren’t the same person?
McConaughey and Cooper were both in the movie Failure To Launch, McConaughey and Lucas were together in The Lincoln Lawyer, Cooper and Wilson were together in The A-Team. That leaves us with the possibilities that Matthew McConaughey and Patrick Wilson/Bradley Cooper and Josh Lucas/Josh Lucas and Patrick Wilson are in fact the same person.

What is similar between them? All are in their late 30’s/early 40’s, all probably go to a tanning salon and visit the gym regularly. All four have blue eyes and brown hair. The most amazing fact is that the four of them are almost exactly the same height: all range between 1.83 and 1.85 meters (just over 6 feet)!

What makes them different? The main thing that differentiates between them is their level of seriousness: Bradley Cooper is the least serious among the four, and then comes McConaughey, Patrick Wilson and finally the most serious one – Josh Lucas.

8. Amy Adams/ Isla Fisher/Jenna Fischer

Is there proof they aren’t the same person?
The three of them never appeared in the same movie together, but after comprehensive research I found out that Amy Adams was in three episodes of The Office alongside Jenna Fischer so that rules out the possibility that they are the same person.

What is similar between them? Pale skin, hair color that’s somewhere between red and brown, all range in height from 1.60 to 1.65 (5″3- 5″5). All three are good comic actresses but can also play in dramatic roles as well, and all are in about the same age (35-37). Notice that two of them share almost the same last name…

What makes them different? You can tell the difference between them by the redness of their hair: Amy Adams has the reddest hair, then Isla Fischer and finally Jenna Fischer with her slightly reddish hair which is more brown than it is red.

7. Shia LeBeouf/Michael Angarano

Is there proof they aren’t the same person?
No such proof exists.

What is similar between them? They are both almost the same age, have black hair and brown eyes. They both usually play in humorous and exciting movies that are intended for a family outing. In 2009 they were both in movies that the critics loved to hate – LeBeouf in Transformers 2 and Angarano in Gentlemen Broncos.

What makes them different? The main difference between them is probably the balance in their bank account – LeBeouf made a ton of money from The Transformers movies and from Indiana Jones 4, Angarano is also very rich of course, but far from being filthy rich like LeBeouf. Angarano also looks like a much nicer person, but that will probably change once he’s cast as LeBeouf’s replacement in The Transformers franchise.

6. John Lithgow/Terence Stamp/Malcolm McDowell

Is there proof they aren’t the same person?
No, and this time I’m dead serious – I am almost certain that Terence Stamp and Malcolm McDowell are the same person. Lithgow might be his/their brother.

What is similar between them? All had grey hair since they were about 18; they have blue eyes with a crazed look and they have a smile that says: I can either be a nice grandfather figure for you, or I can kill you, it’s up to you.

What makes them different? Stamp and McDowell are British, Lithgow is American, and they also have different levels of toughness: Stamp is the toughest, McDowell is second and Lithgow third.

5. Geoffrey Rush/Stephen Rea

Is there proof they aren’t the same person?
Not really.

What is similar between them? Apart from bad eye sight and a fondness for hats, they are both in their sixties; they are about the same height 1.81 meters (just under 6 feet), and most important of all, they both share almost the same label of quality.

What makes them different? Stephen Rea is Irish, Geoffrey Rush is Australian, Rush won an Oscar for his role in Shine (and deserved it for his role in The King’s Speech), Rea was just nominated for his role in The Crying Game (you can tell right away on an actor’s face whether he ever won an Oscar or not so it’s a good way to tell the difference between them).

4. Christopher Plummer/Michael Gambon/Ian McKellen

Is there proof they aren’t the same person?
Plummer and Gambon were together in The Insider so they can’t be the same person, and if I try and use my logic I guess that that proves they all can’t really be the same person (I didn’t do very well in my Math classes and I wasn’t exactly an honor student in Philosophy, so it is possible that I’m wrong and they could actually be the same person).

What is similar between them? They are all over the age of seventy, all never won an Oscar despite being remarkable and praiseworthy actors, and as you can see all three had experience with roles that require very impressive beards.

What makes them different? McKellen and Gambon are British, Plummer is Canadian, Gambon and McKellen are about 10 years younger than Plummer, and the two Brits were both in highly successful fantasy franchises (McKellen in Lord of the Rings and Gambon in Harry Potter) while Plummer wasn’t. The difference between Gambon and McKellen is probably their attitude towards sex with men :).

3. Michael Madsen/Tom Sizemore

Is there proof they aren’t the same person?
Yes, plenty. They worked together in the Western Wyatt Earp, and also in the quite unknown movies The Florentine and Welcome to America and in the upcoming movie Black Gold.

What is similar between them? First and foremost – toughness! They are two of the toughest American actors in existence. Both are also over 1.80 meters (5″10), around the age of 50, have black hair and blue eyes, and they both also carry a few extra pounds (but I would never dare say that to their faces).

What makes them different? Although Michael Madsen is remembered most of all as the psychopathic killer Mr. blonde from the movie Reservoir Dogs, it is actually Tom Sizemore who has had many more entanglements with the law. Madsen is not only the more well behaved one, he is also the harder working one: Madsen has 195 movie credits (!), while Sizemore has “only” 119.

2. Frances McDormand/Felicity Huffman

Is there proof they aren’t the same person?
No, it was easy for Huffman to hide her true identity in the movie Transamerica because in real life she always has to hide her true identity (which is Frances McDormand).

What is similar between them? Both are 1.65 meters (5″4), blonde, have blue eyes and their first name starts with the letter F. Also, both are married to famous Hollywood nerds (McDormand to Joel Coen and Huffman to William H. Macy).

What makes them different? Felicity Huffman is five years younger, but the different birth year on her driver’s license doesn’t really convince me. It’s not really a problem to fake the birth year on official ID (just ask African soccer players).

1. Javier Bardem/Jeffrey Dean Morgan (sorry, I got confused; it’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the left and Javier Bardem on the right. I think)

Is there proof they aren’t the same person?
Of course not, look at them, they are the same person.

What is similar between them? Everything is similar between them more or less, apart from the name. They share the same face, and almost the same age and height.

What makes them different? The nationality – Morgan is American, Bardem is Spanish, and the success – While Bardem won an Oscar and more than 70 other awards, Morgan didn’t really win anything except the reward of being in this post.

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