Giving Thanks for Great Entertainment

November 22nd, 2012 by Barak

This Thanksgiving we are grateful for our wonderful families, for our friends, for very nice coworkers, for the food on our tables, for the birds, for the trees, for the sky, for the sun, and for god not destroying us. But since this blog is about movies and TV shows, here are 10 things from the big and the small screen that we are thankful for:

10. Thanks for stylized TV shows about gangsters

Boardwalk Empire, Lilyhammer and Vegas

I think it’s very nice that cool, charismatic gangsters visit your living room (or wherever you watch TV at home) every week and instead of blackmailing you or making you offers you can’t refuse, all they do is entertain you. Boardwalk Empire was already established by Barack Obama as one as the best series on TV today, Vegas is one of the best new Fall shows, and Lilyhammer is a fantastic debut for Netflix, being their 1st original series.

9. Thanks for fun, mindless action

The Expendables 2 and Strike Back

Thinking about the meaning of life, death and love, contemplating the past and planning the future are all pretty important activities, but sometimes you just want to see tough guys blowing stuff up and killing some bad guys while you think about… well, absolutely nothing.

8. Thanks for romantic indie movies about nice people

The Giant Mechanical Man

I can’t recall when I last saw a movie with two nicer characters than the two leads in this lovely movie. If you want to see a romantic comedy with Ashton Kutcher, go ahead, it’s your time that you’re wasting. But if you want to see a romantic comedy about people you can actually relate to, then this is just the right movie for you.

7. Thanks for silly and witty parodies

21 Jump Street and A Touch of Cloth

21 Jump Street was the funniest movie of the year, and surprisingly, it also won the critical acclaim, and I say surprisingly because usually critics don’t really have a sense of humor.

A Touch of Cloth, written by Charlie Brooker (the man behind Black Mirror), has so many gags that are delivered in such a fast pace that it manages to make fun of every cop crime drama ever made (well, almost).

6. Thanks for offbeat comedies about eccentric women

Damsels in Distress

I went to see this movie with no expectations whatsoever, and it absolutely da(m)zzled me. I think it’s one of the movies with the best dialogue I have ever seen/heard. But this movie is not for everyone; first, because the humor in it is drier than the desert, and second, because it’s just weird – weird in a very good sort of way, in my opinion.

5. Thanks for clever foreign thrillers


This Tarantinoesque crime thriller is violent, suspenseful, darkly funny and also a bit strange (or completely insane, depends on how open you are to certain things). There are a lot of unexpected moments in the movie that will leave you with your mouth open and at the edge of your seat.

4. Thanks for TV series about obsession

Homeland and Dexter

It seems that obsessions make really good, quality TV. In Homeland, Carrie’s obsession is the most interesting thing about the series and also what drives it (watch The Bridge if you want to see the closest thing there is to Carrie on TV). As for Dexter, the nice killer who has to kill so he kills only bad guys, season 6 was its worst by far, but season 7 is definitely making it up to the show’s viewers.

3. Thanks for captivating dramas about fatherhood

Wild Bill

I don’t have any kids, but I do have parents, and one of them is my father, so this movie really did it for me. This crime drama takes its time; the first hour is just sort of a preparation to the amazing last half hour and to the moving ending that really manages to define what it means to be a father. If you’re a father and you’re not sure what it all means, child care should force you to watch this movie.

2. Thanks for comedies about goodhearted idiots


I consider this to be the funniest sports movie since Happy Gilmore. It’s not only funny, but also surprisingly heartwarming and upbeat. Sean W. Scott was never as likable as he is in this role as a violent hockey player with a heart of gold.

1. Thanks for movies about friendship

End of Watch

With all due respect to The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, End of Watch is without a shadow of a doubt (at least in my book) the best movie of the year. You want romance? You got it. You want suspense? There’s plenty. You want witty dialogue? It’s also there. But End of Watch is first and foremost a movie about friendship. Good friends are hard to come by, at least as good as in End of Watch.

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