The Super Bowl XLVII Winning Prediction

January 31st, 2013 by Barak

One of the biggest events in the world is taking place this weekend – The Super Bowl (the NFL‘s annual championship game.) The two teams who will compete for the title are the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. And if you didn’t know it already, the head coaches of the two rival teams are also brothers!  It’s not all that special, considering we’ve already seen something very similar in the movie Warrior. What would’ve made it really interesting was if they were identical twin brothers… then there would have been no way of knowing who’s coaching which team!

We know that many people can’t wait to find out who the winners will be, so we decided to help and predict (accurately; no doubt) the game’s outcome. We chose five representative titles from Baltimore and five from San Francisco for a final confrontation. The city with the better movies/TV shows will also be the winner. You don’t believe us? Just wait and see (the movies never lie. And they can also predict the future.)

Which city has the better Hitchcock?

Vertigo (San Francisco) VS. Marnie (Baltimore)

Recently Vertigo was chosen as the greatest film of all time in an important critics’ poll. While I disagree and think that Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore is a far superior movie, Vertigo is still fantastic, and one of Hitchcock‘s finest films. Marnie is another great film by the master of suspense, but not nearly as good as Vertigo.

1-0 San Francisco.

Which city has the better cops?

Dirty Harry (San Francisco) VS. The Wire (Baltimore)

There is no denying that Dirty Harry is a classic, essential law enforcement cinematic piece. But The Wire is better than family, friends, love and nature put together. Well, it might not be as good as that extremely exaggerated superlative, but it’s pretty close. The Wire is a TV masterpiece.

Baltimore equalizes, it’s now 1-1.

Which city is more romantic and funny?

Going the Distance (San Francisco) VS. Cry-Baby (Baltimore)

Going The Distance is a very nice and funny  romcom, with Drew Barrymore managing to be tolerable, or even a bit beyond tolerable in it (saying she’s likable might be taking it a step too far.) The musical comedy Cry-Baby is campy and quite weird. I can’t stand musicals, and yet, I love Cry-Baby, which means it must be really good. I guess there’s an important lesson in that – we shouldn’t be prejudice or generalize. Not all musicals are bad, and even not all cats are bad (There are Garfield and Heathcliff for example.)

2-1, Baltimore takes the lead.

Which city has the better gender benders?

Mrs. Doubtfire (San Francisco) VS. Hairspray (Baltimore)

Mrs. Doubtfire isn’t a musical, and that already gives it an advantage over Hairspray. It was also made in a time when Robin Williams‘ insanity was still cute. Robin Williams in drag beats John Travolta in drag (and not a word about Travolta’s latest scandals, because we don’t care about gossip and we don’t do yellow blogging; but did you hear that Shakira had a baby?!)

2-2, San Francisco equalizes.

Which city travels better in time?

Time After Time (San Francisco) VS. 12 Monkeys (Baltimore)

I’m not particularly interested in time travel since I don’t make mistakes (and therefore don’t have to go back in time and fix them), but other people do find the subject fascinating. In Time After Time, a very good 1979 movie with Malcolm McDowell, Jack the Ripper escapes 19th-century London in a time machine stolen from H.G. Wells and time travels to 20th century San Francisco. Against it stands 12 Monkeys; a modern classic and one of the best time travel movies ever made. It’s definitely Terry Gilliam‘s best movie (at least in my opinion. I think that while Brazil the country is awesome, Brazil the movie isn’t.)

3-2 Baltimore! What a dramatic victory, now all the Baltimore Ravens have to do in order to win, is just show up. Congratulations!

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