10 Recommendations for Valentine’s Day

February 14th, 2013 by Ben

It’s easy to be cynical about Valentine’s Day: it’s a highly commercialized day, which often makes us feel as though red hearts and stuffed bears are more important than actual feelings. But putting all of this aside, it’s still a lot of fun to celebrate love and romantic feelings, and in our opinion one of the best ways to do so is to watch a romantic film or TV show together.
So here are 10 recommendations for romantic, unique or otherwise interesting titles from the recent or upcoming year to watch with your loved ones.

Writer’s life & loves – Ruby Sparks (2012)
Calvin is a young writer who had one huge success and then sank into a long writer’s block. All of this changes when he starts to write about a young woman named Ruby Sparks and discovers to his sheer amazement that his written words have actually created a real live person. Clever, bittersweet and somewhat offbeat, it is perfect for those who prefer the more original story lines and not the worn out tales of boy meets girl…

Unlikely coupleBeauty and the Beast (2012 ongoing)
For those of you who are young (either by age or at heart) – this remake of the 1987 fantastic drama isn’t really popular with the critics, but teens all over just love it. Catherine, a tough homicide detective falls in love with Vincent, a former soldier, officially declared dead, but now living in the shadows, hiding from the secret government agency responsible for conducting a military experiment that went terribly wrong and left him with modern-day super powers of sorts (uncontrollable strength and inhuman abilities) that manifest whenever he is enraged.

Gloomy loveSeeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012)
The world ending is not a good enough reason to give up on love. In this bittersweet comedy drama, two neighbors who never noticed each other finally get together due to the grieving news about the world’s pending end. And I say, if the world has to end then at least it’s better to be with your loved ones when it happens.

Love in the royal familyThe White Queen (upcoming 2013)
This upcoming mini series portrays the historical events of King Edward the 4th, England and the Wars of the Roses from a different point of view – the queen’s. It all begins when the king meets Elizabeth Woodville, a commoner, and marries her despite all of the objections made by his political advisors. The story is set in a fascinating time in history and is portrayed through the eyes of a lover, a wife and a mother.

Elderly LoveAmour (2012)
It’s easy to love someone when they are young, beautiful and healthy. It is much more difficult when the physical appearance is not what it used to be, when the health is crumbling and when you have a long, tense relationship of decades behind you. But this kind of love can also be profoundly deep, and that’s the kind of love offered in Amour. Warning: as a Valentine’s Day movie, it is recommended only if you have been together for a long time. This is definitely not first date material.

Young LoveMoonrise Kingdom (2012)
The complete opposite from Amour, Moonrise Kingdom deals with the naïve love of two kids on the verge of adolescence. This sweet, offbeat comedy drama is one of the most sincere portrayals of love seen during this recent year. A great date night option for fans of stylized indie cinema.

Love TriangleParade’s End (2012)
Rising British star Benedict Cumberbatch is great as a conservative aristocrat who is torn apart between his socialite wife, who is the “proper” match for him in terms of class and wealth, and a young liberal suffragette. Highly recommended for fans of top quality British dramas.

Impossible loveUpside Down (2012)
Adam and Eden’s love is truly impossible – and not as a metaphor. The reason is they live in a fantastic world that contains two “levels” – one on earth like the one we know, and the other one one hangs upside down from the sky. People cannot move from one level to the other. Will the frustrated lovers find a way to fulfill their love…?

Introspection about loveBefore Midnight (2013)
As a teenager, one of the most romantic films I saw was Before Sunrise, where Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke portrayed two young people who fall in love during the course of a train ride. Almost 10 years later came the sequel and now the third part of this trilogy(?) is released. Once again, there is a lot of talk about the nature of love, of long terms relationships, of beauty that fades and children that grow up…

Falling in loveThe Giant Mechanical Man (2012)
This charming, offbeat comedy tells the story of two seemingly social misfits falling in love. Recommended especially for those who still believe in love at first sight and to anyone who sometimes feels left out of the social life.

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