Happy Birthday Nic Cage :)

January 8th, 2014 by Ben

Nicolas Cage is turning 50, which is quite a feat for one of the busiest actors in Hollywood. When you come from one of the most talented filmmaking families in history (the Coppolas) it’s only natural for you to be extra ambitious and strive to make your stamp on the industry. While we respect Nic and his past achievements with classics such as Face Off, Birdy and Leaving Las Vegas, it’s apparent that he’s not picky on films he’s participating on in the 2000s. So our gift for you Nic, is showing you examples from your fellow actors who are making successful acting choices.

Samuel L. Jackson – Work as part of an ensemble cast/Only in small doses

Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Star Wars needs no introduction, and this installment which connects the old and the new franchise include a large ensemble in which Sam shines bright. The reason why it is so good is partially because Sam often plays villains or immoral characters and here he plays on the side of the good.

Django Unchained (2012)

Django made big waves last year when it came out, and while it has a large cast, and a rather long running time, it’s only towards the last segment of the movie when we finally encounter Sam, and his character is cunning, devious, sometimes awkwardly funny, but most important of all, he does his job well.

Bruce Willis – Stick to Comics & Animation

Sin City (2005)

The thing that makes Bruce stand out in this film, is that he’s not the regular flat character who shoots people and blows everybody up. He’s an anti-hero, with many flaws, and he’s willing to sacrifice everything to save a little girl and allow her to live a normal life. Similarly to Sam, Sin City is also divided to segments so Bruce also appears in small-doses which enhance his performance.

Red (2010)

Much like the former, this ensemble feature is based on comics, and turns Bruce’s action towards a more humorous approach, adding a down-to-earth love story in the mix. Moreover, Red takes itself lightly, which is often a recipe for a good film. If you’re too serious, and you tell a bad story that is unreliable, you’re bound bomb.

Robert De Niro – Work with Bradley Cooper Winking smile

Limitless (2011)

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

It’s no secret that in recent years Bradley Cooper had become a rising star in Hollywood, especially since his recent Oscar nomination in Silver Linings Playbook. In the past decade, De Niro either played in date/family comedies or some badly written action thrillers. Out of all those movies, he got most praise and recognition for his roles alongside Bradley. Now Nic, I’m not saying I have a script in my hands to give you, but maybe striking while the iron is hot would be highly beneficial, wouldn’t you say? Winking smile Give Brad a call!

Forest Whitaker – Play real historical figures

There is no doubt Forest Whitaker gives a powerful and captivating performance as real-life dictator Idi Amin. True stories always speak louder than fiction, and the same thing goes for actors depicting real people, because you assume the behavior of that character is real. You assume it really happened, and it’s harder to doubt your actions.

Lee Daniels’ The Butler (2013)

From portraying a ruler to playing a servant, nothing proves your skill as an actor better than showing your versatility and ability to be anyone. Some of the most famous actor’s biggest career problem is that they cannot reach self fulfillment due to being stuck in a certain stereotype. They cannot convince you they can do anything else.

Nicolas Cage – Stay true to Offbeat

Bad Lieutenant (2009)

Not to be mistaken as a remake, this movie follows the 1992 movie of the same name, focusing on different characters with a different plot, yet maintaining the crazy, unbalanced, manic and frantic demeanor of it’s title character. Despite not being an instant hit at the box office, Nicolas Cage received much acclaim for his unhinged performance. He was always known to dive into the darkest corners of his characters minds (see below for a bonus clip)

Adaptation. (2002)

It is my personal opinion this is the best Nicolas Cage film to date. Written and Based on the trials and tribulations of screenwriter Charlie Kaufman as he does his best to adapt one of his favorite books into a screenplay. The more he writes the more desperate he becomes. One of the brilliant things Kaufman added to the story was a fictional brother who is the polar opposite of he himself, thus allowing Cage to show incredible acting prowess throughout the film.

Nic, we all love you. You are a great actor in your own right. In 50 years, you gave us memorable films to look back on, and hopefully you are not done. You are truly one actor that is utterly dedicated and committed to your art-form. If anyone doubts you, I hereby present a bonus clip that shows you’ll do whatever it takes to give an entertaining performance!

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