Game Of Thrones season conclusions (in 200 words or less)

June 16th, 2014 by Asaf

Another season of GOT ended, Some more sword fights, some more brutal deaths, It’s time 4th season shortest summary:


Our Favorite character of the season – Clever yet misunderstood.

Our least favorite characters of the season  – Boooooooring!


The longest walk of the season (or of the show, or ever on TV) – Maybe they died of old age?


The most WOW moment of the scene – in a word – WOW!

The most unlikely friendship of the season – Friendship? on GOT? it turns out IT IS possible!


The best substitute for “God-we-love-to-hate-you” character instead of king Joffrey R.I.P. – Pushing your lover through the moon door was a step in the right direction. 


The most “Give-us-more-of-this” Moment – The reactions says it all…

We’ll miss you guys (and dragons). See you again in 280 days or so…

(And if you’re looking for a substitute show till they come back check out these titles)


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Happy Birthday Nic Cage :)

January 8th, 2014 by Guy

Nicolas Cage is turning 50, which is quite a feat for one of the busiest actors in Hollywood. When you come from one of the most talented filmmaking families in history (the Coppolas) it’s only natural for you to be extra ambitious and strive to make your stamp on the industry. While we respect Nic and his past achievements with classics such as Face Off, Birdy and Leaving Las Vegas, it’s apparent that he’s not picky on films he’s participating on in the 2000s. So our gift for you Nic, is showing you examples from your fellow actors who are making successful acting choices.

Samuel L. Jackson – Work as part of an ensemble cast/Only in small doses

Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Star Wars needs no introduction, and this installment which connects the old and the new franchise include a large ensemble in which Sam shines bright. The reason why it is so good is partially because Sam often plays villains or immoral characters and here he plays on the side of the good.

Django Unchained (2012)

Django made big waves last year when it came out, and while it has a large cast, and a rather long running time, it’s only towards the last segment of the movie when we finally encounter Sam, and his character is cunning, devious, sometimes awkwardly funny, but most important of all, he does his job well.

Bruce Willis – Stick to Comics & Animation

Sin City (2005)

The thing that makes Bruce stand out in this film, is that he’s not the regular flat character who shoots people and blows everybody up. He’s an anti-hero, with many flaws, and he’s willing to sacrifice everything to save a little girl and allow her to live a normal life. Similarly to Sam, Sin City is also divided to segments so Bruce also appears in small-doses which enhance his performance.

Red (2010)

Much like the former, this ensemble feature is based on comics, and turns Bruce’s action towards a more humorous approach, adding a down-to-earth love story in the mix. Moreover, Red takes itself lightly, which is often a recipe for a good film. If you’re too serious, and you tell a bad story that is unreliable, you’re bound bomb.

Robert De Niro – Work with Bradley Cooper Winking smile

Limitless (2011)

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

It’s no secret that in recent years Bradley Cooper had become a rising star in Hollywood, especially since his recent Oscar nomination in Silver Linings Playbook. In the past decade, De Niro either played in date/family comedies or some badly written action thrillers. Out of all those movies, he got most praise and recognition for his roles alongside Bradley. Now Nic, I’m not saying I have a script in my hands to give you, but maybe striking while the iron is hot would be highly beneficial, wouldn’t you say? Winking smile Give Brad a call!

Forest Whitaker – Play real historical figures

There is no doubt Forest Whitaker gives a powerful and captivating performance as real-life dictator Idi Amin. True stories always speak louder than fiction, and the same thing goes for actors depicting real people, because you assume the behavior of that character is real. You assume it really happened, and it’s harder to doubt your actions.

Lee Daniels’ The Butler (2013)

From portraying a ruler to playing a servant, nothing proves your skill as an actor better than showing your versatility and ability to be anyone. Some of the most famous actor’s biggest career problem is that they cannot reach self fulfillment due to being stuck in a certain stereotype. They cannot convince you they can do anything else.

Nicolas Cage – Stay true to Offbeat

Bad Lieutenant (2009)

Not to be mistaken as a remake, this movie follows the 1992 movie of the same name, focusing on different characters with a different plot, yet maintaining the crazy, unbalanced, manic and frantic demeanor of it’s title character. Despite not being an instant hit at the box office, Nicolas Cage received much acclaim for his unhinged performance. He was always known to dive into the darkest corners of his characters minds (see below for a bonus clip)

Adaptation. (2002)

It is my personal opinion this is the best Nicolas Cage film to date. Written and Based on the trials and tribulations of screenwriter Charlie Kaufman as he does his best to adapt one of his favorite books into a screenplay. The more he writes the more desperate he becomes. One of the brilliant things Kaufman added to the story was a fictional brother who is the polar opposite of he himself, thus allowing Cage to show incredible acting prowess throughout the film.

Nic, we all love you. You are a great actor in your own right. In 50 years, you gave us memorable films to look back on, and hopefully you are not done. You are truly one actor that is utterly dedicated and committed to your art-form. If anyone doubts you, I hereby present a bonus clip that shows you’ll do whatever it takes to give an entertaining performance!

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Wizards and Magicians

March 11th, 2013 by May

When writing about wizards and magicians in film and TV, the first thing that comes to mind is of course Harry Potter. But frankly, how much more can we write about the boy-wizard? Don’t other wizards deserve a break too?

So in honor of two new wizardry films released this month, here is our non-Harry-Potter list of great magicians titles.

The Prestige (2006)
Christopher Nolan‘s mystery thriller deals with an uninhibited rivalry between two former colleague magicians. As often occurs with Nolan, the movie is filled with twists and turns, with a particularly mind bending surprise ending.

Jonathan Creek (1997-2004)
With quite an original premise, this British crime drama focuses on a journalist who partners with a magician in order to solve crimes. In the best tradition of British TV, this show is also clever with a bit of dry humor. It aired regularly until 2004 and thanks to its success and many demanding fans, occasional specials are still being produced and aired from time to time, the latest of them scheduled to be broadcast this Easter.

Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)
In my eyes this is one of the most underrated Miyazaki films. Based on a beloved book by Diana Wynne Jones, it depicts a young girl who is bewitched into an old woman by an evil witch. She then joins an eccentric wizard named Howl in search of a cure.

Merlin (2008 – 2013)
The Arthurian legends are one of the most popular source materials in films and TV. The different angle about this popular TV show is that it focuses on the days of the wizard Merlin as a young teenager, rather than the old, wise man we usually see.

The Illusionist (2010)
A charming hand-drawn animation by the talented director Sylvain Chomet. A young girl in a remote Scottish village joins a traveling magician, believing his powers are real and not mere illusions. A bittersweet coming of age tale ensues when she learns the truth…

The Dresden Files (2007)
Private detective by day, wizard by night – when the police has no clue, Harry Dresden is the one to turn to. Based on a series of popular novels, this TV show is much like Jonathan Creek in terms of plot, but takes a turn to more suspenseful, rough territories mood-wise.

Next (2007)
Despite mediocre reviews, I find Next to be an affective action/sci-fi flick. Nicolas Cage plays a man with the ability to see the future, who hides it under the pretense of a petty Las Vegas magician. Exciting and stylized, this film is extremely entertaining, even if it is not a masterpiece.

The Mists of Avalon (2001)
Another take on the Arthurian myth, this mini series focuses on the female point of view of the story, especially the one of Morgaine, Arthur’s Half-sister who plays a vital role in his rise and eventual fall. In this series, the scheming women have as much influence over the kingdom as the men and their swords.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (2013)
Just looking at the cast list of this upcoming wizardry comedy is enough to make me laugh – Steve Carell and Steve Buscemi are partner magicians who witness the arrival of a new act in town, led by Jim Carrey. The trailer is hilarious, and so much comic talent in one film is bound to have some interesting results.

Oz: The Great and Powerful (2013)
And the other wizards and magicians title to be released this month is this imaginary family adventure, sort of prequel to The Wizard of Oz. A stellar cast including James Franco, Rachel Weisz, Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams, alongside amazing visual environments, promise this film to be intriguing, in the least.

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Welcome 2013! What did you bring us?

January 7th, 2013 by Barak

2012 has ended, and guess what? Some of us are still alive. So, now that we all feel like we got a (nice enough) chance of continuing our lives (unless those Mayans were only mistaken by a month or so), it’s time to look forward to 2013 and guess which movies and TV shows will be the very best of this upcoming year:

10. Peaky Blinders

An epic, gangster saga, this series is produced by the BBC, starring Cillian Murphy and Sam Neill. It takes place around 1919 and deals with gangs fighting each other for survival.

Best case scenario: It will be Britain’s improved version of Boardwalk Empire.

Worst case scenario: It will be extremely slow and boring.

9. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The first movie was smart and fascinating, and not only for a teen-oriented audience.

Best case scenario: It will be as suspenseful, clever and exciting.

Worst case scenario: It will be more teen-oriented (or dumbed down, if you prefer).

8. Da Vinci’s Demons

Judging from the trailer, Starz’ new series looks like a blast. It’s visually impressive, with some exciting action scenes, though I’m not really sure if it’s truly loyal to anything that could have happened in reality (it’s supposed to be about Leonardo Da Vinci’s life, not a hybridization of The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons…)

Best case scenario: It will be as genius as its main protagonist.

Worst case scenario: It will suck more badly than The Da Vinci Code.

7. Man of Steel

Probably the most anticipated movie of 2013, millions (billions?) are crossing their fingers, hoping that this Superman movie will meet its great expectations. Zack Snyder is the director and Christopher Nolan is involved, so we can at least be sure it will be dark & visually stunning.

Best case scenario: It will be better than Christopher Reeve’s Superman movies.

Worst case scenario: It will be as good as Zack Snyder’s latest film – Sucker Punch.

6. The Americans

Keri Russell stars in FX’s new series that takes place during the 80′s when the Cold War was still going on. It’s about Soviet KGB officers functioning as a sleeper cell, while living undercover as American citizens. Guest appearance by Anna Chapman. Not really…

Best case scenario: It will be a new & improved Homeland.

Worst case scenario: It will be as suspenseful as Felicity.

5. Gangster Squad

Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling play two law enforcers from the LAPD, trying to bring down some tough gangsters, including Mickey Cohen (portrayed by Sean Penn). For the movie’s director, Ruben Fleischer, this will be the first serious movie he makes (both in tone and in quality I hope), after the amusing Zombieland and the terrible 30 Minutes or Less.

Best case scenario: It will be better than The Untouchables.

Worst case scenario: It will be on par with the dull Public Enemies.

4. House of Cards

After Lilyhammer, comes Netflix’s second original series and it sure looks impressive. Created by David Fincher and starring Kevin Spacey, this series has a lot of star power behind it. It’s based on a critically acclaimed, award winning British TV show of the same title from 1990.

Best case scenario: It will be better than the original House of Cards.

Worst case scenario: It will remind us of the last time Kevin Spacey was involved in something related to cards (21).

3. Oz: The Great and the Powerful

James Franco, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz star in what seems to be an unconventional take on The Wizard of Oz – focusing on the wizard this time. The trailer looks beautiful, as well as the cast.

Best case scenario: It will be the best Wizard of Oz adaptation.

Worst case scenario: It will be like a family friendly version of HBO’s Oz.

2. Zero Dark Thirty

Kathryn Bigelow must be the manliest female director that ever existed (including the Wachowski brother turned sister). Following her nail-biting of a movie about a bomb squad, The Hurt Locker, this movie deals with the manhunt after Osama Bin-Laden.

Best case scenario: It will be better than The Hurt Locker.

Worst case scenario: Its 2.5 hours duration will make the viewers’ feel like they too were hunting him for 10 years.

1. Anchorman 2

Most of the cast from the hilarious previous film will return for the sequel, but there’s at least one major addition to the cast: The funniest woman in the world, Kristen Wiig! What can you expect from a movie with the funniest woman and man (Will Ferrell of course) in the world? You can expect it to be the funniest movie in the world (ever)!

Best case scenario: The Godfather and Casablanca will be regarded as only decent movies in comparison to Anchorman 2.

Worst case scenario: It will be established as the second best movie ever made, after Anchorman of course.

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The Jinni Mood Awards 2012

December 31st, 2012 by Barak

After last year’s huge success of the Jinni Mood/Movie/TV Awards (think Golden Globes and then multiply it by a thousand, then add the Oscars and multiply that by a million. Is it too soon for self-deprecation? I have to check with my superiors) we decided to make a tradition out of it and choose our award-winning titles for 2012. So, which was the roughest movie or TV series of 2012? Which was the most exciting?  No need to open any envelopes, you can just read below:

Atmospheric: Game of Thrones – When you watch Game of Thrones, you really enter the world of Game of Thrones. And it’s a world in which a Hobbit won’t survive for more than a minute. “Winter is coming” (it’s here already.)

Biting: 30 Rock – Feeling very self-confident, the show allowed itself to bite whoever it wanted.  Politicians, competing shows, and even NBC, the hand that feeds them – all were in the line of biting.

Bittersweet: The Giant Mechanical Man – this movie is about two lonely people who find each other. It’s one of the most goodhearted movies I’ve seen in a while. If you like charming and sensitive movies – watch it. If you’re a douche – don’t.

Bleak: Breaking Bad – Sometimes you just feel too darn happy. But fear not, there is a solution – all you need to do is watch Breaking Bad; the critically acclaimed feel-bad TV show was at its bleakest during the first half of the 5th and final season. I can’t wait for the 2nd half of the season to wipe that grin off my face.

Captivating: End of Watch – I consider it to be the best movie of the year. It’s fascinating; there isn’t one dull moment in it. It’s not always easy to watch, there are some very harsh scenes, but if you have the stomach and the tissues for it, this movie is a must-see for you.

Clever: Argo – This is no less a sharp satire about Hollywood than it is a suspenseful spy thriller, even more I guess. What makes it a great movie despite its tonal shifts is that it remains extremely clever throughout its entire length.

Contemplative: Blackthorn – This western is beautifully shot, the Bolivian locations in which the movie takes place are unbelievable. Straying very far from Michael Bay territory, this gem of a movie is basically about a person (an older Butch Cassidy) reflecting about his own life. I know it sounds boring, but it isn’t. And if you think so, maybe you are.

Cynical: A Touch of Cloth – Can the guy (the genius, the king) who wrote Black Mirror come up with something that doesn’t have a cynical world view? Probably not; A Touch of Cloth is Charlie Brooker‘s spoof of more or less every cop crime drama ever made and it shows complete contempt towards every accepted standard of such shows.

Disturbing: Dexter – Fans of the show don’t really find this glimpse into the mind of a psychopath disturbing anymore. What they do find disturbing is the suggested romance (siblings with benefits, is that a thing?) between Dexter and his step sister. Maybe the sister is the only one with the forbidden crush, but it’s disturbing nonetheless. The bad writing that is.

Emotional: House M.D – Dr. Gregory House was the most fascinating, complex, well written character ever seen on TV. I think that more than a few people would agree with me. The final season of the hit series was probably its most emotional one. The only thing that prevented me from crying was/is that I’m a man.

Exciting: The Expendables 2 – This movie was a blast. Explosions, cheesy lines, completely over the top action; what can be more exciting than that?

Feel Good: New Girl – An upbeat and optimistic series with eccentric characters and a charming Zooey Deschanel (although not half as charming as Aubrey Plaza. See below).

Gloomy: This is England 88′ – After the movie This is England and the series This is England 86′ came This is England 88′ which dealt with more or less the same issues from the previous 2 entries – people whose lives are pretty shitty. Leave some room on you TV screens for some more sad faces, because This is England 90′ is coming up in 2013!

Humorous: Parks and Recreation – With every passing season this series just becomes funnier and funnier. April (Aubrey Plaza – marry me today. Is 7:30 good for you?) and Andy are the best onscreen couple by far, and Ron Swanson is just the best. The picture below says everything; and also nothing.

Offbeat: Moonrise KingdomWes Anderson is more or less synonymous with the terms offbeat and quirky, and Moonrise Kingdom doesn’t ruin that reputation for the director.

Mind Bending: The Booth at the End – A mysterious man sits at a booth at the end of a diner. People come to him because they heard he has a gift and can solve their problems. But there’s a price… All is very mysterious in Hulu’s 1st original series that leaves you wondering.

Rough: Dredd – The movie takes place in a rough and tough world, in which Judge Dredd serves some very rough justice. You don’t have to go all the way to Indonesia in order to find this year’s best action film. Dredd is similar to The Raid only way better and in English, not that the dialogue is important.

Scary: Cabin in the Woods – This movie was extreme in every sense. I expected something light when I heard it was a horror comedy, but it’s much more shocking than it is light. It’s a funny and disturbing film, but first and foremost – a scary one.

Sentimental: Big Miracle – A nice old fashioned movie, with likable characters; especially the whales. It’s a pleasant film and although sentimental, you don’t overdose on its sentimentality.

Sexual: Californication – Season 5 continued being groundbreaking in terms of onscreen boobs and sex (I only watch the show for its wit and dark humor though.)

Sexy: Magic City – Starz’ attempt at making a “Boardwalk Empire meets Mad Men” type of show failed in many aspects, maybe in all aspects but one. It’s obviously not nearly as smart or captivating as the other two, but it’s definitely sexier. It’s like soft-core porn made for fans of periodic reconstruction.

Sincere: Louie – Usually when we describe a movie or a show as sincere we mean a certain kind of a drama. We rarely describe a comedy as sincere, but Louie is just so open and revealing that you get a sense that he’s showing you the real him. I believe him.

Stylized: The Man with the Iron Fists – I’ll start by saying that there’s nothing good about violence. Usually people get hurt when there’s violence involved. But when it’s in the movies, and it’s so over the top, extremely gory and super stylized then it’s just great.

Suspenseful: Sherlock – Each 90-minute mystery leaves you absolutely breathless. Not only the setting, but also the pace was adapted to fit the 21st century and the result is a masterfully suspenseful series.

Tense: Homeland – This paranoid psychological thriller keeps you on the edge of your seat trying to guess what will be the next plot twist.  Many critics say that the first half of the second season was much better than the second one. They could have been right if it wasn’t for that amazing episode that concluded the season. Homeland is must-see TV.

Thought Provoking: Game Change – This movie made me think about something that made be both happy and sad at the same time (I’m hoping more sad than happy): being especially smart is not a requirement for a person who wants to go far in life. Not at all; dumb people – the world is yours to take!

Touching: Trouble with the Curve – The movie itself is definitely touching, but what gives the movie this Mood Award is the fact that it was the last time we will see the legendary Clint Eastwood acting. And that’s even more emotional than it is touching.

Uplifting: Intouchables – You can’t remain cynical when it comes to this movie. It will definitely raise your spirits, at least for its duration + 1 hour; maybe 1 month, or year if you’re lucky.

Witty: 21 Jump Street – Don’t let the fact that it’s incredibly silly confuse you – 21 Jump Street enjoys a quick and smart dialogue with some brilliant tongue-in-cheek moments. Unlike many other movies, and people, 21 Jump Street is very self-aware.

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