May’s Finest!

April 30th, 2015 by Asaf_and _Barak

It’s special effects season, it’s mega stars season, it’s bigger than life movies season – THE BLOCKBUSTERS are here and ain’t nothing gonna stop them from grabbing you by the shoulder and placing you in the nearest cinema! And why should you resist? They offer excitement, humor and a fantastic getaway for a of couple hours. So brace yourselves for 5 movie recommendations and 5 TV show recommendations. These are May’s finest!



Avengers: Age of Ultron – The ultimate kickstart for the blockbuster season.

Hot Pursuit – For those looking for an odd couple action comedy.

Mad Max: Fury Road – For boys night with a preference for stylized apocalypses.

Tomorrowland – For fantasy loving families.

San Andreas – For boys who love destruction and explosions (in other words, every male out there?).


Grace and Frankie – For people who liked Amazon’s Transparent.

Wayward Pines – For people who like mind bending mysteries.

Texas Rising – For people who like historical westerns.

Aquarius – For people who’d like to see Hank Moody chase down Charles Manson.

  • What? When the teenage daughter of a respected lawyer goes missing, an LAPD detective starts asking around. Needing the help of someone he can trust, he partners with a rebellious undercover cop who’s more comfortable rolling a joint than patrolling a beat. It’s not long before they stumble upon a small-time cult leader seeking out vulnerable women to join his cause. From there, they follow this man’s trail down a rabbit hole of drugs, sex, murder and cultural revolution. Little do they know, however, the guy they’re hunting will eventually become the killer we now recognize as Charles Manson.
  • When? May, 28. 2015
  • Who? The cast is led by David Duchovny and also stars Grey Damon and Claire Holt.

The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe – For people who liked My Week with Marilyn…and Lifetime’s Anna Nicole biopic.

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A Movie For Everyone – May 7, 2015

April 21st, 2015 by Asaf

The Avengers had their vengeance last week but not as expected. Would their rage be sufficient enough to keep dominating or is  “Hot Pursuit” hot enough to give them a fight? And maybe you prefer to catch The D Train? Lot’s of possibilities this weekend but which is best suited for you?

A movie for everyone this week:

  1. If you’re into comedies with a strong female presence, “Hot Pursuit” is the choice for you.
  2. Looking for a sentimental evening? Catch “The D Train“.
  3. It’s exciting, it’s stylized, it’s in 3D, it’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron“!
  4. If you want to be uplifted, check out when the periodic war dramedyLittle Boy” is screened.
  5. Russell Crowe takes his first serious attempt at directing in the captivatingThe Water Diviner“.
  6. Another successful indie is the clever and offbeat dramedyWhile We’re Young“.
  7. The original fake documentary-horrorUnfriended” offers a scary experience for teens.
  8. A great family outing could be the nature documentaryMonkey Kingdom“.
  9. …Or, the humorousPaul Blart 2: Mall Cop 2” with its goofy hero.
  10. A romantic and emotional option for a date night – “The Longest Ride“.
  11. If you’re looking for exciting and rough action, “Furious 7” is the best choice.
  12. The touching periodic dramaWoman in Gold” offers a lesson in Human Spirit.
  13. A fantastic adventure for family outing awaits those of you heading “Home“.
  14. Or, if you prefer prison, the humorousGet Hard” promises mess, confusion and countless gags.
  15. The teen fave, “Insurgent”, is packed with exciting chases, races and escapades.

Choose your film carefully; it’s your entertainment!


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A Movie For Everyone – April 16, 2015

April 16th, 2015 by Asaf

Who amongst us haven’t seen a movie on their laptop? We all have! This daily experience gets a scary twist in the award winning newcomer -  Unfriended… Other than that, we have new films about animals, conspiracies, true crimes and mall cops who’ll stop at nothing to arrest them.

A movie for everyone this week: