September’s Finest!

August 31st, 2014 by Asaf_and _Barak



Remember remember the 1st of September! For it marks the end of blockbuster season! For it marks the beginning of the end of summer! For it marks the date of our monthly blog about the best TV shows and movies coming at you this month! 8 TV shows, 8 movies. Let’s dance – These are Septembers’ Finest!


The Identical – For those who love periodic music dramas.


What? –  A captivating and sentimental story about two twins, separated at birth, who years later find their paths collide on a tragic turn of events. Can music heal all wounds?

When? 5.9

Who? Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Seth Green, Joe Pantoliano & musician Blake Rayne star in Dustin Marcellions’ first feature.


No Good Deed – For those seeking for tense home invasion thrillers.

What? –  A prisoner escapes from prison and finds shelter at the home of a former district attorney. He pretends to be the victim of a car accident.  Soon she’ll realize she’s the real victim.

When? 12.9

Who? Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson play their cat and mouse game under the hands of director Sam Miller (who directed Elba in Luther).


The Maze Runner – For teens who like suspenseful and stylized future  dystopias.

What? –  In a post-apocalyptic world, a group of teenagers find themselves trapped in a giant maze. Traps, deadly creatures and many other escapades follow.

When? 19.9

Who? Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Will Poulter and Patricia Clarkson. Directed by Wes Ball and based on James Dashners’ novel.


Tusk – For those who believe Kevin Smith can do horror films.

What? –  A journalist goes to an isolated mansion in order to interview a worldwide adventurer. It’s not long before things go wrong as the adventurer captures and tortures the journalist in order to transform him into a… walrus. Spooky.

When? 19.9

Who? After the underrated “Red State”, Kevin Smith tries his luck once again in the horror genre. He takes along once more the frightening Michael Parks as well as horror films veterans Justin Long and Haely Joel Osment. On the opposite sex we have the lovely Genesis Rodriguez and Smiths’ daughter – Harley Quinn Smith.


This Is Where I Leave You – For those looking for bittersweet ensemble dramedies revolving around family relations.

What? –  Four siblings must live together for one week in order to fulfill their late fathers’ last request. Moving in with their oversexed mother they soon find out it’s going to be a looooooong week.

When? 19.9

Who? Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Jane Fonda, Adam Driver, Rose Byrne, Connie Britton, Timothy Olyphant. Directed by a man no stranger to humor, Shawn Levy, and written by Jonathan Tropper (who also wrote the book).


A Walk Among the Tombstones – Perfect for a Boys’ Night (who like Liam Neeson).

What? –  An unlicensed P.D. investigates a series of kidnappings of the town’s drug lords. After the murder of a drug lords’ wife, our hero must get his hands dirty and dwell into places the police can’t.

When? 19.9

Who? Liam Neeson continues to nurture his action career. First feature by writer Scott Frank.


The EqualizerPerfect for a Boys’ Night (who like Denzel Washington).

What? –  Based on a TV show from the 80s, The Equalizer tells the story of a former black ops commando who went underground to live a peaceful life. But sitting idle while there’s injustice in the streets is something he can’t do. While protecting a young street prostitute he gets drawn into a fight vs. the Russian mafia.

When? 26.9

Who? Another collaboration between director Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington (Training Day). Along with them are Chloe Grace Moretz, Marton Csokas, Melissa Leo and Bill Pullman.


The Boxtrolls For Family Outing and Pre-Teens.

What? –  The Boxtrolls are a bunch of mischievous creatures. Living underground they raise an orphan boy named Eggs. Now the boxtrolls are in danger by the Villain Archibald Snatcher. It’s time for Eggs to rise above ground and save the day.

When? 26.9

Who? Ben Kingsley, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Elle Fanning and Isaac Hempstead Wright contribute their voices. Directed by animation veterans Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi.


TV shows:


HoudiniFor people who want to add some magic to their life.

What? Follows Magician Harry Houdini as he emerges as America’s first world-renowned superstar. From humble beginnings at circus sideshows to sold-out concert halls.

When? 1.9

Who? Academy Award winner Adrien Brody stars as Houdini.



Boardwalk Empire – For anyone who’s looking forward to see how this excellent show ends.

What? The 5th and final season of one of the best crime dramas of the decade. Will the show end with a mysterious fade to black like The Sopranos? will Nucky Thompson survive the final episode?

When? 7.9

Who? The Martin Scorsese produced show has an incredible cast that includes: Steve Buscemi, Michael Shannon, Jeffrey Wright, Gretchen Mol, Patricia Arquette and many more.


Z Nation – For people who want more zombies than what AMC’s The Walking Dead has to offer.

What? 3 years after a zombie virus spread through the country, a group of courageous people must transport the only known survivor of the virus from New York to California, where the last functioning viral lab waits for his blood.

When? 12.9

Who? Harold Perrineau and Tom Everett Scott star.


Red Band Society – For people who enjoyed the movie The Fault in our Stars.

What? A coming-of-age dramedy about a group of friends in Los Angeles’ Ocean Park Hospital. Series will revolve around issues like strong friendships, first loves, humorous mishaps and heartbreaks.

When? 17.9

Who? Starring Academy Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer, Dave Annable and a young cast of fresh faces.


Madam Secretaryfor the ones who wanted to see a series about American politics lead by a strong female role and Scandal wasn’t it.

What? The show is about a shrewd, determined, newly appointed Secretary of State who drives international diplomacy, battles office politics, negotiates global and domestic issues, both at the White House and at home.

When? 21.9

Who? Tèa Leoni stars alongside Tim Daly and Zeljko Ivanek.


The Blacklist – For everyone who saw the 1st season and agree that James Spider is brilliant in this role.

What? The 2nd season of this compelling NBC thriller introduces us to new intriguing characters from the world of espionage who has connections to Raymond “Red” Reddington.

When? 22.9

Who? Mary-Louise Parker who’s no stranger to espionage titles or to Red (starred in both Red and Red 2) joins James Spider who plays Red.


Gotham – For fans of procedural crime dramas and the Batman movies.

What? An origin story of the famous Super-Villains and vigilantes from Batman’s universe, revealing an entirely new chapter that has never been told and focusing mainly on young Commissioner Gordon.

When? 22.9

Who? Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue and Jada Pinkett Smith star.



Black-ish– For people who’ve been waiting all their life to see Lawrence Fishburne in a sitcom.

What? A successful African American man starts to worry that his family assimilated a bit too much in the white suburban neighborhood they live in.

When? 24.9

Who? Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross star alongside Lawrence Fishburne.

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August’s Finest!

July 29th, 2014 by Asaf_and _Barak


As we all know, Summer is the blockbuster season. The films with the biggest budget, biggest special effects and biggest marketing campaigns. This month we decided to pay more attention to the smaller budget films that might slip under you radar. Some of which only come out on limited release but you can mark them on your wish list for the future. For all you TV fans out there, check out the section below with all the whos and whats that are coming soon. So here we go, this is August’s Finest!


Calvaryfor fans of the McDonagh brothers.

What If Perfect for date night.

FrankFor people looking for offbeat comedies.

Love is Strange – For those looking for a sincere and bittersweet drama.

The CongressFor those looking to bend their minds.

TV Shows:

Hell on Wheels – For people who still remember the show exists.

  • What? The 4th season of AMC’s western series will air almost a year after season three’s finale. It will revolve around conflicts between government, businesses and ranchers, all will try to control the railroad in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
  • When? 2.8
  • Who? Starring Anson Mount and Common and written by Joe and Tony Gayton who also wrote the movie Faster together.

Partners – For people who are looking for an edgy and funny courtroom comedy and don’t think that Rake fits that description.

Black Jesus – For fans of silly and irreverent humor.

  • What? Adult Swim’s new comedy that follows (black) Jesus living in modern day Compton. We don’t suppose anyone will be offended by this show… theology professors and people who enjoy a good laugh should check out this new show.
  • When? 7.8
  • Who? The series was written by Aaron McGruder who also wrote the critically acclaimed TV shows The Boondocks and the less acclaimed movie Red Tails. Gerald ‘Slink’ Johnson will play Black Jesus.

The Knick – For everyone who misses House M.D.

Outlander – Starz new show aims mainly for young women, but also for everyone who loved Camelot (which was also made by Starz) and the movie The Time Travelers’ Wife.

Legends – For everyone that still didn’t give up on the opportunity of seeing Sean Bean survive an entire movie or TV series.

  • What? Based on the award-winning book by master spy novelist Robert Littell, Legends stars Sean Bean as Martin Odum, a CIA agent with the ability to transform himself into a different person for each job.
  • When? 13.8
  • Who? Ali Larter stars alongside Sean Bean in FX’s new action thriller.

BoJack Horseman – For anyone who’s been waiting for a good talking horse role since Mister Ed ended in 1966…

Intruders– For people who are looking for a mind bending mystery that isn’t The Leftovers.

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July’s Finest!

June 30th, 2014 by Asaf_and _Barak


It’s hot out. Like super hot. like let’s-turn-on-the-AC & TV-and-never-leave-the-house-again-hot. Here at Jinni we thought we should prepare a care package to tide you through, so we collected the top TV shows you should watch this July. For those brave souls willing to venture out of the house, there are also four movie recommendations. So let’s go! here are July’s Finest (and hottest)!

TV Shows:

Nathan For You – For people who like their TV clever.

What? The 2nd season of Comedy Central’s comedy-docu-reality series in which the hilarious Nathan Fielder uses his business degree to help struggling companies and people, offering them offbeat and absurd strategies.

When? 1.7

Who? Nathan Fielder. This is a one man show.

The Bridge – For people who remained at the edge of their seats when the final episode of season 1 ended, and after almost a year they will finally be able to take a break and get off their seats.

What? The 2nd season of the crime thriller that’s based on the slightly superior Danish-Swedish original Bron/Broen. Will it be close plot wise to the 2nd season of its Scandinavian parent?

When? 9.7

Who? The two leads Demian Bichir and Diane Kruger are joined by Emily Rios and Matthew Lillard who were promoted to series regulars.

Extant – For those who are still waiting for Steven Spielberg’s next great Sci-Fi TV series since Taken in 2002.

What? A dramatic Sci-Fi thriller about an astronaut that returns home from a year long solo mission in space. Her experiences in space and home lead to events that ultimately will change the course of human history.

When? 9.7

Who? Halle Berry stars alongside Goran Visnjic and Camryn Manheim in this Steven Spielberg produced show.

Masters of Sex – For fans of quality drama, great periodic reconstruction and sex.

What? The 2nd season of the critically acclaimed drama from Showtime. Clever writing and great acting are expected to elevate the series this season as well.

When? 13.7

Who? Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan are joined by fresh faces Betsy Brandt and Danny Huston.

Ray Donovan – For viewers that thought that comparing the series to The Sopranos isn’t illegal.

What? About a loving father and husband who isn’t a complete stranger to the world of crime. His job is to solve complicated, confidential and controversial problems for Hollywood’s elite.

When? 13.7

Who? Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight will continue to impress as the two leads. Hank Azaria and Sherilyn Fenn are also joining the series for season 2.

The Strain – For anyone who misses The Walking Dead (but prefers vampires over zombies).

What? A doctor and his team are called upon to investigate a mysterious viral outbreak with hallmarks of an ancient and evil strain of vampirism. The fate of humanity depends on them.

When? 13.7

Who? Created by Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth) and starring Corey Stoll (House of Cards) and David Bradley (Broadchurch).

Matador – For anyone who loves soccer and spies and wanted something that combines both.

What? Tells the story of Tony “Matador” Bravo, a popular soccer player who comes to be known as much for his playboy antics off the field as his dynamic moves on it. But what his fans and family don’t realize is that it’s all a cover – in truth, he is a skilled covert operative executing missions for a little-known branch of the CIA..

When? 15.7

Who? Created by Roberto Orci (writer of Transformers, Star Trek and Hawaii Five-0), Produced by Robert Rodriguez and stars Gabriel Luna.

The Lottery – For anyone who’s interested in watching Lifetime’s version for Children of Men.

What? Set in a world destined for extinction as women have stopped having children. When remarkably 100 embryos are successfully fertilized, a national lottery is held to decide the surrogates.

When? 20.7

Who? Created by Timothy J. Sexton who also wrote Children of Men (surprise, surprise) and starring Marley Shelton and Martin Donovan.

Manhattan– For people who like Masters of Sex but prefer the series dealt with atomic bombs instead with sex.

What? Set in Los Alamos, N.M., at the Manhattan Project during the race to build the world’s first atomic bomb, “Manhattan” explores the cost of secrets and the corrosive effect they have on individuals, families and their relationships.

When? 27.7

Who? Created by Sam Shaw (who also writes for Masters of Sex) and starring Rachel Brosnahan (House of Cards) and Michael Chernus (Orange is the New Black).

The Honourable Woman– For everyone who ever wanted to see Homeland remade by the BBC.

What? Tells the story of one woman’s personal journey to right the wrongs conducted in a past life. As a young girl, Nessa Stein witnessed the assassination of her father by the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Now in her thirties, Nessa is at the forefront of the Middle East peace process. But when she awards a lucrative contract to a Palestinian businessman, who is later found dead, she finds herself under the close scrutiny of Whitehall and the Secret Intelligence Service.

When? 31.7

Who? Created by Hugo Blick (who also created the masterful series The Shadow Line) and starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, Andrew Buchan and Stephen Rea.

In the Theatres:

Tammy – For Silly humor and Mellissa Mccarthy fans.

What? Tammy goes on a road trip with her grandmother Susan Saradnon. After losing her job, car, and husband (not in that order) on the same day, Tammy goes with her grandmother on a trip to Niagara falls. Oh, and she’s running from the law.

When? 2.7

Who? First directing gig for actor Ben Falcone (Bridesmaids, Joey). Plus, Kathy Bates, Allison Janney, Toni Collette, Sandra Oh and the well-missed Dan Akroyd.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – Seems like well made action film for a fantastic Boys Night.

What? The apes are back and they’re stronger and vengeful than ever. Can the humans claim control on earth or will the apes prove themselves superior yet again?

When? 11.7

Who? Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, Let Me In) directs. He also worked on Felicity so he brought in Keri Russell along with Gary Oldman, Jason Clarke and the man behind the ape, Andy Serkis as Caesar.

Sex Tape For date night and people who would do anything to avoid humiliation.

What? All Annie and Jay ever wanted was to have sex (don’t we all?). Well, they had sex. They even videotaped themselves having it. They even sent it to all their friends and family. Hmmm… Oops…

When? 18.7

Who? Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel and directed by Jake Kasdan (Bad Teacher, The Dewy Cox Story).

Hercules  For heroic boys’ night.

What? Hollywood tries yet again to kickstart the Hercules franchise. Swords, Spells, and Battles in 3d.

When? 25.7

Who? Dwayne Johnson, John Hurt and Ian McShane. Directed by the skillful Brett Ratner.

Plus, notice these films as well: We have the scaryDeliver Us from Evil” (2.7), the upliftingLife Itself” (4.7) the bittersweetBoyhood” (11.7), the suspenseful sequel “The Purge: Anarchy” (18.7), the pre-teens friendly “Planes: Fire & Rescue” (18.7) the humorous and sentimentalAnd so It Goes” (18.7), The long-waited second Feature from Zach BraffWish I Was Here” (18.7), the action packed “Lucy” (25.7) the yearly Woody Allen film “Magic in the Moonlight” (25.7) and one of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s last features “A Most Wanted Man” (25.7). Actually the list could go on and on so as you can see, there’s plenty to see this month. Enjoy! (and wear sunscreen!)

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Game Of Thrones season conclusions (in 200 words or less)

June 16th, 2014 by Asaf

Another season of GOT ended, Some more sword fights, some more brutal deaths, It’s time 4th season shortest summary:


Our Favorite character of the season – Clever yet misunderstood.

Our least favorite characters of the season  – Boooooooring!


The longest walk of the season (or of the show, or ever on TV) – Maybe they died of old age?


The most WOW moment of the scene – in a word – WOW!

The most unlikely friendship of the season – Friendship? on GOT? it turns out IT IS possible!


The best substitute for “God-we-love-to-hate-you” character instead of king Joffrey R.I.P. – Pushing your lover through the moon door was a step in the right direction. 


The most “Give-us-more-of-this” Moment – The reactions says it all…

We’ll miss you guys (and dragons). See you again in 280 days or so…

(And if you’re looking for a substitute show till they come back check out these titles)


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June’s Finest!

June 2nd, 2014 by Asaf


Hello movie and TV lovers. As you know, the times they are a changin’, and so is Jinni. Starting today we have something special for the big, small and mobile screen fans: each month you’ll get Jinni’s recommendations for what you should keep your eye out for. Which top shows are starting? What new movies are out? And most importantly, who they’re suited for? And that’s not all, our FB page is about to have a serious make-over, so soon you’re going to hear from us A LOT MORE. So let’s begin! Here are June’s finest!


Edge Of TomorrowA mind bending Boys night

What? In the future, Tom Cruise is a soldier in the war against aliens. Then he dies. The end. Oh, but then he relives the same situation again and again, making him a better warrior in his quest to save mankind. Is it a futuristic Groundhog Day? Is it Source Code with a different cast? Time will tell…

When? 6.6

Who? Tom Cruise and the beautiful Emily Blunt as his trainer. Directed by Doug Liman.

The Fault in Our StarsFor Teens on a date night

What? An emotional love story. Two teenagers facing difficult health situations meet at a children’s cancer support group. As they fall in love there’s one question hanging above – can true love truly overcome every obstacle? Remember to bring tissues.

When? 6.6.2014

Who? Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. Directed by Josh Boone.

22 Jump Street – For a silly humored teens & boys’ night

What? After successfully graduating from high school, the misfit partners Jenko and Schmidt enlist to college. As you can imagine, the criminals here are just an excuse for countless amounts of gags, mess and confusion.

When? 06.13.2014

Who? Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill showed surprising chemistry on the first film. Along with them are Hollywood’s newest favorites – directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 – For Pre-Teens and a Family Outing

What? Hiccup and Toothless are off to a new exciting adventure, battling to restore peace to their island. This time they discover a secret ice cave with hundreds of wild dragons inside along with the mysterious Dragon Rider.

When? 06.13.2014

Who? Jay Baruchel, Kristen Wig, Gerard Butler, Jonah Hill. Dean DeBlois came back to write and direct.

Jeresy Boys – For Anyone who liked any of these titles

What? 40 years ago Clint Eastwood would knock your teeth out for even suggesting he’d direct a musical. But in recent years the machismo showed a different side of himself and this time he shows us the true story of the rise to stardom of the music band The Four-Seasons.

When? 20.6

Who? Christopher Walken, John Lloyd Young, Vincent Piazza, Erich Bergen and Michael Lomenda.

Transformers: Age of Extinction – For a fantastic Boys’ night.

What?  An atmospheric, philosophical contemplation on man versus machine and the future of mankind.
An additional dosage of gigantic robots fight in 3D.

When? 27.6

Who? Shia LaBeouf transforms into Mark Wahlberg as the main lead. Alongside: Nicola Peltz, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer. Directed yet again by Michael Bay.


Halt and Catch Fire – For fans of Steve Jobs.

What? Something like the serious version of HBO’s Silicon Valley, taking place during the 80′s and wants to be AMC’s next top quality drama after Breaking Bad’s demise.

When? 1.6

Who? Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies) and Scoot McNairy (Argo) star.

Orange Is the New Black – For intelligent binge watchers

What? The 2nd season of the ultra-popular cynical Netflix series taking place inside an all-women prison.

When? 6.6

Who? Taylor Schilling is the leading lady in season 2 as well, and will be assisted by the new faces of Lori Petty, Brooke Soso and Lorraine Toussaint.

Power – For those who prefer captivating criminals heroes.

What? Starz new drama about a New York club owner who is also a drug lord. A mashup of Scarface and Carlito’s Way, sans Pacino?

When? 7.6

Who? Produced by 50 Cent, and stars Omari Hardwick.

Suits – For Boys’ and Girls’ night – boys will enjoy the workplace intrigue, girls will enjoy the workplace romance.

What? The fourth season of the slick legal drama. Expect plenty of verbal byplay and expansive whiskey.

When? 11.6

Who? Neal McDonough joins the show’s regulars Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht.

Almost Royal – For viewers that aren’t sure if they’re into scripted or unscripted content.

What? A docu-reality show by BBC America that follows 2 actors pretending to be British aristocrats as they travel the U.S and try to enjoy everything it has to offer.

When? 21.6

Who? The only actors are the two young and unknown Ed Gamble and Amy Hoggart.

Tyrant – For viewers that can’t wait for Homeland’s return.

What? A new tense, political thriller, from FX. After creating a new life for himself in America, the son of a tyrant goes back with his American family to his native Middle East country in the midst of a political mess. Like Al Pacino already knows, you can never leave behind the family business.

When? 24.6

Who? From the creator of Homeland (Gideon Raff) and stars Adam Rayner.

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