A Movie For Everyone – Feb. 19, 2015

February 19th, 2015 by Asaf

The red carpet is ready, the paparazzi are cleaning their lenses, and stardust is about to settle. It’s Oscar weekend but before the prestigious ceremony takes place; let’s see what the studios prepared for us this weekend in the theaters.

A movie for everyone this week:

  1. The silly humor of “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” promises countless gags for boys night.
  2. Girls on a night out should enjoy the witty humor of “The Duff“.
  3. It’s been a while since we had a good sports drama, maybe “McFarland, USA” would fit.
  4. A sexy option as we all know is the erotic flavored “Fifty Shades of Grey“.
  5. Or, if your date prefers some sentimental music, take them to “The Last 5 Years“.
  6. The stylized action comedyKingsman: The Secret Service” can give you 129 exciting minutes.
  7. A great option for teens and pre-teens is the exciting young hero adventure – “Seventh Son“.
  8. Looking for an epic and futuristic action film? “Jupiter Ascending” is in a theater near you.
  9. Is it time for a family outing? “The SpongeBob Movie” is a humorous adventure in 3D.
  10. There’s also the touching and thought provokingBlack or White“.
  11. If you prefer tense and suspenseful times, try “The Loft“.
  12. For a fantastic suspenseful experience, try “Project Almanac“.
  13. Jennifer Lopez is a woman in danger in the suspensefulThe Boy Next Door“.
  14. A humorous family outing is expected to anyone visiting “Paddington“.
  15. And, of course the surprising blockbuster – “American Sniper“ is offering a rough and tense experience.

Choose your film carefully; it’s your entertainment :)


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And the Oscar goes to…

February 18th, 2015 by Barak

This year’s Oscars are coming up, so we decided to try and analyze the nominees and determine the winners while using the capabilities of our Entertainment Genome. So, what type of movies are nominated this year and what’s history trying to tell us regarding the winners in each major category? we made a genetic analysis of the winners and nominees over the past 25 years and these are the conclusions we’ve come up with. Spoilers inside???

Best Supporting Actor

Psychological, nail-biting emotional drama which is also captivating and deals with obsession, parent and child relations, hopes and ambition. These are the genes which are popular in this category to best describe Whiplash, Foxcatcher and Birdman to some extent. While Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo‘s performances are very good, J.K. Simmons can easily be mistaken to be the lead in Whiplash since his performance is so powerful that it seems that all the focus is on him in every scene he participates. We think that the only unforgettable performance in this category belongs to Simmons.

Our prediction: J.K. Simmons